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Justice for the 9-11 Nine

Okay, all you readers in New York (by my count that is one of you)—It’s time to call your state assembly member. This is from an ad in the 10 September 2007 NY Times paid for by 1199 SEIU–United Healthcare Workers East:

Marc Sullins, EMT, died, 9-11
Mario Santoro, EMT, died, 9-11
Keith Fairben, EMT, died, 9-11
Yamel Merino, EMT, died, 9-11
Bonnie Giebfried, EMT, permanently disabled, 9-11
Scott Beloten, Paramedic, permanently disabled, 9-11
Marvin Bethea, Paramedic, permanently disabled, 9-11
James Dobson, Paradmedic, permanently disabled, 9-11
Michael Roberts, Paramedic, permanently disabled, 9-11

On September 11, 2001, hundreds of courageous paramedics and EMTs rushed to Ground Zero to aid victims of the terrorist attack and help fallen police officers and firefighters. Every last one performed without regard for personal safety.

Yet nine of the brave first responders who were killed or permanently disabled have been denied the benefits that other heroes of September 11th received. These nine, and their grieving families, have been left out in the cold simply because they weren’t public employees. For each of the last three years, the New York State Legislature has passed a bill to correct the injustice and get the 9-11 Nine the benefits they deserve.

The Senate has overridden the Governor’s senseless veto. Now it’s time for the Assembly to step up and do the right thing.


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