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Bloggers United

Thanks to Jill, local bloggers had a meet-up yesterday. Here’s a photo of us taken by Debbi, who has just launched a new blog called Altadena Above It All:

Bloggers United ‘07

Development and change were frequent topics of conversation. The Rialto just closed and the Pacific Hastings last day is today. Both places fell in the crack between the theatres at Paseo Colorado and Netflix. One hopes the closing of the Hastings will not lead to the demise of Robin’s restaurant next door (the man himself brought ribs to our meet-up–thanks, Robin!).

It’s great to be able to meet the people behind the blogs you read, especially if you’ve blogged about the same thing as someone else. Susan (here) and Larry Wilson (here) both posted recently about the fabulous Linda Urban, former marketing director at Vroman’s and prime mover behind a writer’s workshop series at the store.  Sadly, the series evaporated when Linda moved away.   Some things were so good that you keep on missing them, even though they’ve been gone a long time.  I still miss Fedco.

We had a great time, and I’m looking forward to the next one!

Gettin’ on the link love:

Who was there – via Ed

Jill’s lovely photos are here

It was great to have a rep from La Canada (home to both our current and previous state assembly representatives).

Aaron’s take on the experience. K-Todd’s take at Under the Dome.

It was so nice to meet everyone, especially those from blogs I frequent: Rattling the Kettle, and Tableau Vivante.


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9 thoughts on “Bloggers United

  1. Enjoyed having the opportunity to speak with you, I too miss Fedco. I used to call on their corporate office many years ago before real estate. That was before Wal-Mart and Target took over the world.

  2. I miss Fedco too! I bought my first couch and mattress there on production assistant wages. I Scotch-guarded that couch to death when I first got it. I also know Gimble’s too because I grew up near PA. Ah memories of discount shopping before it got Wal-Mart ugly.

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