Beverage 4: Tea Time

Tea, a drink with jam and breeeaaaaaad!  This is how we start every day.  PG Tips rock.  The Scout likes his with honey.  Bleech.  I like mine with just milk.

PG Tips

4 Responses to “Beverage 4: Tea Time”

  1. Rhea Says:

    Hey, that’s a song. Or a nursery rhyme. Or something.

  2. AP Says:


    I put milk in my tea and people make fun of me for it.

  3. Kim Perez Says:

    Sorry, but I’m a coffee girl through and through.

  4. Miss Havisham Says:

    Oh, PG Tips is lovely in the morning. I prefer a full bodied Earl Grey in the afternoon, and before bed I am frequently consoled by Chado’s Midnight Blue White Tea.

    Carry on, Beverage Betty.

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