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Flirting With Danger

In direct violation of the “No glassware in pool area” rule, I give you this photo. It’s Monday morning, and I’d rather be there than here. The Scout took this on his last job. I don’t know the owners of this lovely pool, but I’m available to housesit anytime.

UPDATE:  The drink is mango juice with fresh squeezed lime.  (I’m sure vodka could be added to that combo–let’s call it the Miss Havisham).  The house is a Neutra in Arcadia.  That’s right, Arcadia has a Neutra.



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9 thoughts on “Flirting With Danger

  1. It’s going up to 100 (plus humidity) here today. Sure could use that.

    This portion of Grrlie Blather brought to you in part by:

  2. No, I’ll have to respectfully disagree with Rhea. That drink is a pink grapefruit vodka…uh pink greyhound. I’d very much like to have an accident with that.

  3. Arcadia actually has a number of excellent Mid-Century Modern homes. Throughout Southern California, many quality architectural environments are concealed behind hedges and unassuming facades of private suburban homes. Too bad there are so few public spaces of similar quality.

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