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LA Angst

LA Angst is “… a monthly reading series hosted by Leah Peterson in the greater Los Angeles area. We gather together to read our most embarrassing, humiliating, angst ridden and otherwise absolutely wonderful writing from our youth. Every month, selected readers comb through their middle school and high school writing and pick something that represents how completely impossible it is to grow up without looking back in shame.”

I shoulda woulda coulda posted something earlier, but I was so focused on getting people to CHAP’s screening of SiCKO (which was very successful, btw). But shoulda woulda coulda because…

…We had a laugh-til-you-cry time this past Wednesday at Tangier Lounge, featuring:

Leah from Leahpeah
Kelly from Mocha Mama
Erin from Queen of Spain
Lara from Katronika
Ruth from Redleather
Heather from Heathervescent

…and moi, reading from my Boots Diary, circa 1973. Oh, the melodrama of it all! Lots about boys (I hope that one likes me, I hope that one doesn’t), food (Momma’s chicken, Bugles) and sex (the ships on the wallpaper were soooooo beautiful!). See? You had to be there.

Leah posted pics on Flickr. Thanks for organizing, Leah! Your get-up-and-goitivness (the precursor to stick-toitivness) is inspirational!

Stop the presses! There is no photo of the lovely Leah reading!?!? Who’s got one?

WHEW! MochaMomma to the rescue.

Thanks to those who came out (that’s Neil, here’s Jay) to support the readers too!

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Why Morning TV Sucks: A Tale of Two Women with Doctorate Degrees

No wonder people don’t watch TV much anymore. Network TV treats us like we’re dummies. We must have fast cutting clips to keep us interested. Rather than focusing on content with depth, they offer up talking heads who say one or two things quickly–then cut to commercial. I was watching The Today Show, and got disguested when “the experts” start talking about relationships. The Three-Year Itch is the new Seven-Year Itch blah blah blah.

The piece started out with an interesting bit of research by sociologist Kelly Musick at USC. “Relationships start to deteriorate over a short period of time.” If The Today Show had stuck with Prof. Musick and let her talk more about her research, it would have been very interesting. She studied couples who have been together 1-3 years vs couples who have been together 4-6 years. “There’s something that is getting in between what people want and fantasize about in a marriage, and what they actually do.” That’s something I’d like to hear about.

But no. Rather than go deep, The Today Show goes wide. A talking-head marriage and family therapist says people are used to being bombarded with stimulation, so if they’re not feeling excited 24/7, they get bored (isn’t that called ADHD?). Then the in-studio wonks spout their wisdom, which is high-school-hallway caliber. ‘Keep the interaction positive.’ ‘Remember what you liked about the other person in the first place.’

One of the in-studio wonks was Dr. Dale V. Atkins, author of Sanity Savers: Tips for Women to Live a Balanced Life. She recommended “caring for the other person, even more than we care for ourselves.” Later in the interview, she said it again, “You have to care for that person really more than you care for yourself.”

Hold up there, chief. We women know better. We’ve gone the way of self-sacrifice, of “my job is to meet his needs, and if I’m not doing that correctly, it’s my fault.” We’re waaaaaay past that now. We see how that set up gives him all the emotional power in the relationship. We value our sanity (and if he’s smart, he will too).

So we have two women with Ph.D.’s, two experts. Dr. Musick has done the research, and we get to hear two sentences from her. Dr. Atkins has made a career out of lecturing and media appearances, and she feeds us the crap that we’ve been trying to recover from for years.

Lord knows why I was watching TV for relationship advice when Johnny Lingo was waiting for me over on YouTube. Just what is my worth in cows? Thanks to Leahpeah who linked to 3 segments here, here and here.