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Bill tagged me a while ago. He says he tagged me because he wants to learn something about me, which is clearly very sweet. But for some reason, I did not have a positive response to this. I became all snitty. I thought, “Games like this are just another way the Internet lets us hide our true selves. Yeah, I can dig out eight random, meaningless facts which have nothing to do with who I am really. But what purpose does that serve?”

This may be the sign of a collision between real me vs the Grrlie Blather character that writes this blog. I’m not sure there’s a huge difference between the two, but obviously I select things to write about and leave out other stuff.

Here are the rules:

* We have to post these rules before we give you the facts.

* Players start with eight random facts/habits about themselves. Okay, it says eight random facts/habits…so maybe it is okay to keep this fun and light. My inner Debbie Downer needs to lighten up.

* People who are tagged need to write their own blog about their eight things and post these rules. At the end of your blog post, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names. I’m not so sure I want to do this part. If I don’t tag anyone, will bad luck befall me in the next 15 minutes? Will I be in a car accident later today?

* Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog. People are busy. Their lives are full. How can I possibly add one more thing to an already busy person’s life?

Here I go–Grrlie Blather’s Eight Random Facts/Habits:

1. The Scout and I once flew under the Brooklyn Bridge in a helicopter (pre 9/11 of course). The Scout was working on a Sony commercial, and we spent an entire afternoon flying over lower Manhattan. I get motion sick easily, so I sat in the back and snacked on Vanilla Wafers while enjoying the view. I like the island Manhattan…

2. I have lived in the same house for almost 25 years. This is in contrast to (or direct relationship with?) moving every two years (at least) up to the age of 12.

3. When I was 12, I found a four-leaf clover. Soon after that, my dad got a job on an American Air Force base in England; he had been trying to get a job in “that green and pleasant land” for some time. That the universe sent me an Irish sign about moving to England is proof that there is a divine sense of humor. It’s also proof that signs are more likely to be signs in hindsight.

4. I had my two children at home, and I’ve never been a patient in a hospital for more than 4 hours (one minor outpatient surgery). So I’m very thankful to be healthy. Wait, my left knee has started to hurt for no reason…make that ‘healthy and aging.’

5. I am named after Ava Gardner. No, my real name is not Ava. When my dad was a young GI in England, he saw the movie Mogambo. Clark Gable (as Victor Marswell) called Ava Gardener “Kelly” — her full name was “Honey Bear Kelly.” My dad was so wowed by Ava that he vowed he would name his daughter Kelly. Thanks, Pop, for leaving out the Honey Bear part.

6. Before I had kids, I leaned toward the behaviorist side of things. I think this is common for someone who grew up in the 60’s and 70’s–it was very fashionable. Once I had kids, I realized that genes play a gigantic role. They come out like they come out. As a parent, you simply work with the material you have. And I do mean work. Here’s the debate.

7. When I play Scrabble, I just want to make the most interesting words…I don’t really care about the score. It bugs me if I have to put a short boring word like “six” just so I can get a triple word score. I don’t play much Scrabble.

8. I’m a tennis fan (Roger Federer) and a baseball fan (Dodgers). I love it when the Dodgers win at home and they play Randy Newman’s I Love LA. Never say that Angelenos can’t stand irony. We know what we have (a lot), and what we don’t have (a whole lot). Scroll down for the song.

There. That wasn’t so bad. I’m still reticent to tag others, though I would like to tag KP but KP isn’t blogging (yet). Send me a comment if you want to be tagged. In the meantime, you can check out Rhea’s answers at The Boomer Chronicles. She didn’t tag anyone else either.

UPDATE: Now tagging Aaron who has been on a writing tear since hitting the STL.


This is a personal blog. Expect a potpourri of stuff.

12 thoughts on “Tagged

  1. Right, I had no insurance. And I didn’t have money. So I read a lot of books and got a good midwife. But it is still in some legal gray area…You can have a baby at home, but a medical provider is not supposed to practice medicine in a non-medical environment.

  2. Woah…that’s awesome you had your kids at home!

    You can tag me – this will be an interesting blog I could do tomorrow night/later tonight even.

    You’re such a talented writer. I wish I had half the talent you do.

    I love tennis, too. Used to play at PCC…until I dislocated my shoulder in pro-wrestling. Now I don’t play tennis anymore. I love playing darts though.

    You and the Scout should come visit me in STL. Midwest Coast Grrlie Blather!

  3. I have a standing rule when I play Scrabble with anyone:

    If they can spell “Scrabble” with their tiles, they automatically win.

    So far, it hasn’t been done.

  4. Hi Kelly, it is so interesting to be able to learn more about friends, be they on line friends or not. I do thank you for sharing this.
    The helicopter ride sounds fantastic, I just recently had my one and only ride, something I stroked of my list of things to do.
    Had your kids at home, I am in awe. First thing that comes to mind is ouch.
    I will play scrabble but only if we have a 2 minute time rule, or it can get to long and boring. Vi is amazing at it.
    There is always so much to a persons life that we never really get to learn of, I thank you for sharing this.

  5. Am I *the* KP??? Well, even if I’m not, I’ll make a list. Lists are fun. I realize I’m breaking the rules, since I’m not a blogger. Hope it’s okay if I just put my list here. I guess that makes me a blog squatter.

    (btw, I loved your list. And I echo everyone else’s amazement about having your kids at home. Wow!)

    Okay, here’s my list:

    1. I eat two blueberry Eggo waffles every night around midnight.

    2. My family auditioned for “Family Feud” when I was 12. Our team consisted of my mom, my aunt, two cousins and me. We didn’t make it.

    3. On a camping trip when I was a kid, my friend and I were hitting a tree stump with some sticks. Apparently we angered a hive of wasps. Just like in the cartoons, dozens of them appeared as if from nowhere and, moving as one cohesive unit, chased us for several minutes and stung us all over our bodies. I was grounded from tree stumps for the rest of the weekend.

    4. To play off one of yours, Kelly… I’m a living testament to the argument for nature over nurture (which you’ve probably figured out by now).

    5. I have an unusually long attention span. I once found a book sitting beside a dumpster, waiting to be thrown out. I rescued it, took it home around noon, read straight through til about 2 a.m. and finished the book. This is psycho!

    6. As my parents used to say, I’m “an accident waiting to happen.” When I was younger and more active I dislocated both knees; barely missed doing serious neck damage taking an alternate route down the mountain on a sled – head first off a 10-foot drop; and I once sunk in quicksand up to my chest, and it took 3 guys to help me get out. These are just the highlights of a very long list.

    7. I’m lazy about getting the little details done and I hate running errands. So if Carlos doesn’t go to the grocery store, we’ll go without food.

    8. I correct people’s grammar. To my constant surprise, they don’t usually appreciate it.

    That was fun!


  6. I am with you on the Scrabble. My ex’s family played solely for points and I always thought they just didn’t appreciate beauty. They thought I was a loser for preferring making fun words over trying to win. I guess they were right.

    I love love love flying in helicopters more than anything. I have been up 4 times and would do it again anytime, anywhere.

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