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In Which Susan’s Birthday Collides With The Finals Week of Life

Today is my friend Susan’s birthday. I met Susan at Westmont College (lack of link intentional) in the fall of 1980, and we were roommates in Santa Barbara the following year. Even then, Santa Barbara was an expensive place to live, and we shared a one-bedroom apartment. I was working full time, and half of my income paid my half of the rent ($400). I was making $4.32 per hour. But I loved living in Santa Barbara…it was an easy bike ride to the beach, and at night we would hear the seals barking at the Santa Barbara Zoo.

Susan has been working on Family Oral History Using Digital Tools, and right now she is preparing for a Genealogical Society event this weekend. That’s right, kiddos, when you are self-employed, you work on your birthday. It’s called “the finals week of life.” You have a hard and fast deadline, so don’t sleep much, you drink gallons of coffee, and you eat a lot of crap comfort food (this time, M&Ms).

Go here to see the very cool and most appropros gift that Susan received for her birthday.

Happy birthday, Susan! We’ll crack open a bottle of red once you’re through this crunch time, yet another installment in that ongoing series: The Finals Week of Life.

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Marketing on Horizon

New lows in air travel: I am a fan of Horizon Airlines. I guess it’s the complimentary beer and wine. Pinot gris and a crossword puzzle make for a great flight. Add a good book to the mix, and I’m a happy camper. Flying from Portland to Burbank yesterday, I devoured Sweet and Low by Rich Cohen.

But I was dismayed when, during the flight, not only did the airline hawk its credit card (which airlines have been doing during flights for a while), they also made an annoucnement and then distributed Dove shampoo and conditioner. Talk about your captive audience! We’re 28,000 feet in the air, and we can’t turn off the flight attendant who is interrupting important puzzle-solving and reading time. Since when does the job of flight attendant include making spiels for non-airline related goods? More importantly, why does the airline think they have the right to promote stuff just because I happen to be sitting there?


By the way, Horizon, those banana chips suck. Bring back the pretzels.

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Oregon Coast

We’re back at the Oregon Coast.  The Scout is fine-tuning the Campbell’s job.  One of the spots is called Splash.  Just a quick image to get things rolling:

Oregon Splash