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Jury Duty!

Call me a hopeless romantic, but tomorrow I have jury duty and I’m looking forward to it. For years, I have had to say “no” to jury duty because I was “responsible for the care of minors under the age of 18 between 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.” Since that is no longer the case, I received my summons as if it were an invitation to a grand ball, complete with a coupon to buy a great dress for the occasion.

I think it’s my love of courtroom drama. Twelve Angry Men, Judgment at Nuremburg, To Kill a Mockingbird–even My Cousin Vinnie. I saw a fabulous play, The Caine Mutiny Court Marshal, on stage in Hollywood some years ago with Charleton Heston (politics aside, the man was a great actor). Let’s not forget Perry Mason, who was probably the progenitor of it all.

My older son was called in for jury duty earlier this year. He was surprised how many people were dismissed from duty because their English language skills were lacking. Actually, he was frustrated because he felt those people were wasting his time. After two days, my son was dismissed too. It was a trial involving a suspected gang member, and my son’s pants were a little too baggy for the prosecution’s comfort.

My fantasy is that it will be a murder case with the prosecution seeking the death penalty, and I’ll make an eloquent extemporaneous speech opposing the death penalty, bringing the courtroom to tears. I’ll be dismissed as a juror, but will go out in style.