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Marketing on Horizon

New lows in air travel: I am a fan of Horizon Airlines. I guess it’s the complimentary beer and wine. Pinot gris and a crossword puzzle make for a great flight. Add a good book to the mix, and I’m a happy camper. Flying from Portland to Burbank yesterday, I devoured Sweet and Low by Rich Cohen.

But I was dismayed when, during the flight, not only did the airline hawk its credit card (which airlines have been doing during flights for a while), they also made an annoucnement and then distributed Dove shampoo and conditioner. Talk about your captive audience! We’re 28,000 feet in the air, and we can’t turn off the flight attendant who is interrupting important puzzle-solving and reading time. Since when does the job of flight attendant include making spiels for non-airline related goods? More importantly, why does the airline think they have the right to promote stuff just because I happen to be sitting there?


By the way, Horizon, those banana chips suck. Bring back the pretzels.


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