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Wide Wild World of Blogging 2

Another wow from the wide, wild world of blogging — Leahpeah.

Leah’s got two very cool things going on:

1. LA Bloggers Live – from the site, “How many times have you wished you could hear your favorite bloggers read live? Bloggers Live! is a combination of Los Angeles bloggers getting together every second Thursday to read a selection of their entries live. Anyone who blogs is encouraged to join the group and sign up to read. Anyone who reads them, blogger or not, is invited to come and listen.”

2. LA Angst – again, from the site, “We gather together to read our most embarrassing, humiliating, angst ridden and otherwise absolutely wonderful writing from our youth. Every month, selected readers comb through their middle school and high school writing and pick something that represents how completely impossible it is to grow up without looking back in shame. Join us for some entertaining, therapeutic and hysterical fun!”

LA Angst is making its debut this Sunday, June 3. You can read about the details here.

I’ll take another shot of courage, Eagles style, and read about life at Lakenheath circa 1975.

My calendar runneth over—lots of blogging events this weekend (via Metroblogging).


This is a personal blog. Expect a potpourri of stuff.

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