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I enjoyed watching The View when Rosie was on it. ‘Enjoyed’ is putting it mildly. I planned my day around it. I needed to see Rosie get pissed off about the war in Iraq and say the things out loud in the mainstream media that I say to no one in particular when I’m doing the dishes. She was honest, passionate, and spittin’ mad—like so many of the rest of us.

I understand why she left the show in the first place, and why she left early in the second place, and how the split screen was the sure sign. This article by Amanda Guinzburg on the Huffington Post says it all.

I’ve gone to Rosie’s blog to ask her questions. Though I’m afraid I don’t actually ask real questions, I make comments. Some samples:

-Shouldn’t we get rid of the Electoral College? If there were no Electoral College, then Gore would have been the clear winner in the 2000 presidental race regardless of the Florida debacle. Gore: 50,999,897 Bush: 50,456,002

-Check out Project Pedal at It’s about deciding to do something you think you can’t do, then slowly but surely proving yourself wrong. It makes me cry happy.

-Don’t you hate it when you drool when you’re sleeping, and then you roll over into a previously-deposited and now freezing cold drool spot?

I even invited Jahero to my high school reunion this August in a particularly snappy piece that ended with “Go Democracy!”

I realized this morning that I’m posting questions on Rosie’s blog because I want to work for her. I want her to hire me as a writer. I want to help her develop her next gig(s), and for some reason, I believe that she’ll notice how I pack exactly the right content into my 200 characters and recognize (ah-ha style) my political acumen and quirky humor. I’ve even got questions/comments that I’ve written in advance, but I’m saving them. I’m obeying the “one question per day” request.

A grrl can dream, but I’ve clearly crossed some line. Of sanity or hope or something. Ah jeez…why am I even thinking that she needs a writer???


This is a personal blog. Expect a potpourri of stuff.

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