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Wide Wild World of Blogging

Maybe I’m just a country bumpkin who watches too much tv, but the wide, wild world of blogging never ceases to amaze. Here’s my day of surfing, in which I find many bloggers who are writers, some with stunning amounts of moxie.

Mr. Kettle mentioned that LA Daddy is having a blogger party. Woo-hoo! Sounds fun. So I start looking around at the blogs of those who are going to attend. First I find Psuedotherapy who, along with her witty writing, has posted a photo of the Gettysburg address on printed on her hiney. Then on to Snackie’s Pudge Free World (Hilly) who has been called The Queen of Blogistan. Her blog has a whole lot of ‘tude, which I find a refreshing recipe for kicking one out of one’s self-induced doldrums.

By Jane is a nice read. She’s moving back to LA from Elk Grove. I loved her post about winnowing through her deceased father’s belongings.

Then I stumbled upon the great booby controversy. Strollerderby wrote about Maggie Gyllenhaal nursing in public. Some people (who clearly have not progresssed too far up the evolution chain) objected to Maggie’s PDOB (public display of boob). Shouldn’t she cover up? Wear a baby blanket or a burka or something to hide? Queen of Spain takes up the cause in this ranting, raving post on letting mothers do their thing. I’m with the Queen on this one…breastfeeding is best and if you want to do it in public, go ahead.

Full circle–back to Mr. Kettle and this great post about our skewed thinking about breastfeeding and the bizillion reasons it is the best thing to do.


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2 thoughts on “Wide Wild World of Blogging

  1. Hey, I’m glad I followed the link back over here! This was a fun read.

    Thanks for the shoutout; now I’m off to read more of YOUR blog!

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