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Vlogs: Project Pedal

I haven’t been a consumer of vlogs (video blogs). Until today. I found Project Pedal’s Episode Four. It is so fantastic I watched it three times. Reminded me of the storytelling style of Fight Club but this guy isn’t crazy. The whole project is completely mind-blowing and inspirational, and I’m so glad I stumbled across it.

Project Pedal is about deciding to do something really hard, “something you know you have a good chance of failing at, but doing it anyways…and slowly but surely, proving yourself wrong.”

So go here and watch Episode Four, and then here to see the rough cut of the pilot opening. Project Pedal’s blog is here. You can watch and vote for Episode One here. And there’s even a Project Pedal Myspace page.

How I stumble upon this fantastic thing? Well, first I went to Metroblogging LA and told myself that under no circumstances should I go to a garage sale. I need to purge, not add. Then I went to Mickipedia because I thought the name was so cute, and because the Metroblog post about her mentioned “superstar” and “gun” and guns scare the bejezzus out of me. So I watched Micki the superstar vlogger shooting a gun, then saw her link to Project Pedal.

I don’t know why I need to include the details of my surfing, but I do. Thanks for bearing with me.


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