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Evolution & the Republican Three

Evolution. Two days later, and I still can’t believe that THREE Republican candidates raised their hands to say they DON’T believe in evolution.

Dear Sen. Sam Brownback, Gov. Mike Huckabee, and Rep. Tom Tancredo, All truth is God’s truth. Evolution is no threat to God, or to your belief that God created the world. Evidence of evolution is God’s historical record to let us know how our world works. (We haven’t read the owner’s manual very well based on how we treat the poor dear.)

Your anti-intellectual stance on evolution makes you a laughingstock, not just in this country but in the eyes of the world.

The Book of Genesis is a creation myth. “Myth” does not mean “untrue.” Myth means that the Genesis story how faith community understands and recounts God’s role in the beginning of the world. Sorry, no one was there taking notes or recording the date. To be hung up on the date of creation (something that ISN’T in the Bible) is beside the point. For a person of faith, the point is that God was the author of the whole thing.

Please be assured that God is quite comfortable with science, with carbon dating, with dinosaurs, with the Precambrian elements of the Grand Canyon. In fact, it makes God bigger (not smaller) to think about Earth’s amazing history…the length of time involved, the diversity of creatures and creation.

Are you getting that much money from these guys that you can’t admit the truth of the scientific record?

So here’s the follow up question: If you don’t believe in evolution, then do you believe in dinosaurs?

BTW, Jewish opposition to evolution.

And, A Split Emerges as Conservatives Discuss Darwin –NY Times.

– * – * – Another photo from my LG 8800 phone camera:

Tuality Hospital

Sky above interior courtyard at Tuality Hospital, Forest Grove, Oregon


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2 thoughts on “Evolution & the Republican Three

  1. Yeah, it starts there and the continuum continues, “God told me the world is gonna end tomorrow. Here, drink this Kool-Aid!”

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