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Change, or Stay the Same?

The Virginia Tech tragedy has unleashed a firestorm of public comment at the New York Times web site.  Those who believe in gun control have had their worst fears confirmed.  Those who believe that gun ownership is a right talk about the lack of mental health care for those who need it.  Or else they want to pretend that the guy who did the shooting lived in some kind of vacuum and was not influenced by anything external.

It is hard to embrace diversity in a time of grief, but free speech is the American way.  Is there a lesson to be learned from this tragedy, something that needs to be changed?  Or do we go back to business as usual?

Let’s start with some strong federal laws regarding gun ownership.


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One thought on “Change, or Stay the Same?

  1. And some strong censorship against mass media exposure of made for entertaintment violence. If we can have enivronmental laws to protects our environtment against polution, we should have laws to protect our minds from polution as well.

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