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Making A Difference

As mentioned previously, Bill commented on my Mardi Gras post and was very complimentary. I wrote back to him about making difference, and he blogged about it. Bill mentions me in his blog–so much so that I feel celebrated! Thanks, Bill!

One of the things I didn’t say in my e-mail: I know people who did not go see Al Gore’s film An Inconvenient Truth because they were afraid they would be depressed. They figured they knew about the whole global warming thing anyway, so what’s the point of sitting through a downer?

I saw the film, and the take-away message that I got? That one person CAN make a difference, DOES make a difference.

So that’s my kick in the butt to those of you who have been avoiding the film!


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2 thoughts on “Making A Difference

  1. nah, the one that’s a downer is Who Killed The Electric Car? (I acutally swore out loud at some people depicted in that film)

    Well, then again, no. It gave me resolve. My next car is going to be a hybrid bio-diesel. they haven’t made them yet, but hey, I KNOW I represent a market. Besides, I’m a person who drives my cars forever. You know them both. The first mazda, from 1981-1993. The white truck. The second [black] mazda, from 1993-present and counting. I’ve driven teh black one more years and put on fewer miles.

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