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No Car Left Behind

Today's article in the LA Times: "History, density are uneasy neighbors in Pasadena" reveals the fuzzy thinking behind development in Pasadena. Westgate, an "urban village" of 820 residences and 22,000 square feet of commerical space at the eastern end of the old Ambassador College campus, will be the largest housing development in the city's history.… Continue reading No Car Left Behind

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Where the Boring Mayor Lives

Eye Level Pasadena posted an interesting link to an LA Times article about Pasadena's mayor, Bill Bogaard, the quintessential nice guy. "My political style," deadpanned Bogaard, 69, explaining his win of a third term with 89% of the vote, "is to actively pursue [voter] boredom." "My success has come from remaining calm, speaking last, letting… Continue reading Where the Boring Mayor Lives