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The Scout has been working on some car commercials, and I’ve been tagging along. Our trusty Xterra was getting in the shop (nothing wrong, just some minor tweaks on the after-factory leather). So the nice Nissan people provided a free car from Enterprise. We started out with the Chevy Aveo, and after a few days upgraded to a Mercedes Benz–at only $20 extra per day.

Such a deal. Driving the C230 was a blast. I fell in love…the handling, the power, the comfy leather seats. Heavenly.

The Scout got up pre-dawn to catch the early morning rays at the Glamis Dunes, a recreation area for off-road vehicles. A great location, eh?

Mercedes at Glamis


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One thought on “Glamis

  1. I first think of Macbeth when I see the word Glamis. Macbeth == green heathery hills of scotland ≠ that deserty scene you show. Kinda jarring, that.

    (uh oh, I can see that I’ve gotten programmer ese under my skin w/ that equals and not equals stuff != (not equal to, or ≠ –we’ll see if WordPress chokes on the character or not) and == is equal to. Call me a geek.)

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