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American Airlines Gift (Almost)

Our return flight from Hawai’i was oversold. American Airlines offered us one night’s lodging, taxi from and to the airport, and $800 each to give up our seats. The scout was weary after working, and resisted the idea at first. I kept saying, “$800 each! That’s $1,600 total! That’s a lot of travel!!!” Dollar signs loomed large in my pupils. Tax free income! Travel! Aaaahhhhhheeeeeee…

We volunteered to give up our seats, then waited. It’s an odd feeling to sit at the airport, actually see your jet sitting there on the tarmac, and not know whether you’re going to be on it or not.

At the last minute, they thanked us for volunteering, then offered us one seat in first class (they didn’t have two). So the $1,600 evaporated, and the Scout sat in first class. We did switch part way through the flight. Ironically, the seats in American’s first class aren’t very comfortable. My window seat in coach was better for sleeping.

It’s been a while since I’ve been offered travel credit by an airline for giving up my seat. Usually it’s around $300-$400…never $800! Anyone out there have a story to share on this?


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