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UCLA beats USC

College football at the Rose Bowl. I’m close enough to the stadium to hear the roar of the pre-game flyover, and I see the jets when they climb into the sky to head back to Edwards AFB.

I sit on my couch, and the tv shows me the view of the stadium taken from the Goodyear blimp. I look out the window to my right. There hanging in the sky is the Goodyear blimp sending that picture to my tv.

The Rose Bowl is UCLA’s home turf. Today’s final score: UCLA 13 – USC9.

Let the year-long gloating begin.


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One thought on “UCLA beats USC

  1. Doc M and I ventured out on an errand, and discovered that lo! the blimp did fly, and the curbs were crowded with cars.

    I said, “who’s playing?” but did so with a slip about ’SC, while looking at a UCLA flag on someone’s car. Mostly we congratulated ourselves at our change in fortune– we’d thought we made a slow start to the day, but no, the crowds at the Rose Bowl changed all that. We did just fine, getting out and about after the game got underway.

    Only later did I see that it was a UCLA-USC game. Making that little slip of mine rather accurate.

    BTW, as I see it, your blog is very plain… with no styling whatsoever. Did your theme break? How does it look to you?

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