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Aloha from Hawaii (part one)

My other half is scouting a car commercial on the Big Island of Hawai’i. Neither of us have been here before. That comment is generally met with a very shocked, “Really???” The Scout has been at this scouting business for 30 years, and has been sent all over the US (too numerous to mention) and the world…London, Paris, Moscow, Italy, Argentina (Buenos Aires & Patagonia), Chile’s Atacama Desert, Australia, China…but never Hawai’i. Til now.

The backstory: On Christmas Day we flew from LAX to Philadelphia, then took Amtrak to Penn Station in NYC (somewhat convoluted but cheap thanks to Internet special on Southwest Airlines). I’d rather do the non-stop across the country and take the train than have to stop and change planes in Phoenix or wherever. The train is a wonderful way to arrive in NYC.

My thanks to the good people of New Jersey for taking the time to put those lights up–I liked whizzing past your cozy houses during our Christmas Day-night train ride. We were in New York (city on Christmas night, upstate on the subsequent days, visiting family) and flew from Newark to Kona (on the Big Island of Hawai’i) on Friday. Props to the good folks at Delta Airlines…always professional and attentive. We had an actual sandwich on the SLC-Kona flight–a rarity in coach these days.

Yes, all this travelling=I got a headcold. Just a cold, not the flu. Whew.

One of my favorite Disneyland experiences is the Tiki Room. So far, I feel like I walked out of the Tiki Room–and this is the next attraction. We spent the first night in Kailua-Kona at the Royal Kona Resort…our room wasn’t ready so we got a mini-upgrade to a corner room from which we watched the $72 (each!) luau for free. Okay, the performers were far away but we got the gist of it. We missed the open bar but the Scout had procured his favorite libation (Beefeater’s Gin) at the Sack and Save so we were set.

Yesterday we took the Saddle Road to Hilo, stopping to photograph the road up Mauna Loa on the way. In true scouting fashion, we drove all the way up to the observatory gate (over 10,000 feet) on the one-lane road. Parts of it were recently paved, other parts were paved in the last century…or maybe the one before that. I’ll post a pic or two in the next installment.

Hilo is humid but not hot, cloudy but not raining (at the moment). Apparently New Year’s Eve is a big event around here. Fireworks are for sale everywhere–Long’s Drugs, even Sears! We went into Long’s and when The Scout reached down to grab a basket, a Long’s employee asked him to take another…that one had gunpowder in it. Fireworks on aisle 13–rock and roll!

Nose is running–time for a fresh tissue.

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Out and About

Boots in Hidden Valley, CA

It’s the time of the year when everyone is out and about.  I’ve lived in the same town for over two decades, so when I’m out and about I always bump into people I know.  Always.  It’s scary (almost).  I can’t leave the house without make-up!

So Monday in the post office I saw the guy who teaches my husband’s tennis clinic, and also a guy I know from work.  Tuesday in Target I bumped into a woman who was a volunteer at the Pasadena Public Health Department about eight years ago…she moved to New York and then moved back to Pasadena earlier this year.  Today I saw my old therapist driving in her cute little Mini Cooper, and then the Chief of Police stood behind me while I was using the ATM (yes, I know the Chief).

It’s reassuring to see familiar faces.  It’s fun to see people from different decades, different eras in my life.  It’s like my history coughing itself up at random as I move around town.

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UCLA beats USC

College football at the Rose Bowl. I’m close enough to the stadium to hear the roar of the pre-game flyover, and I see the jets when they climb into the sky to head back to Edwards AFB.

I sit on my couch, and the tv shows me the view of the stadium taken from the Goodyear blimp. I look out the window to my right. There hanging in the sky is the Goodyear blimp sending that picture to my tv.

The Rose Bowl is UCLA’s home turf. Today’s final score: UCLA 13 – USC9.

Let the year-long gloating begin.