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Go Vote

The oppressed world is America’s peanut butter sandwich. The current administration thinks it is “spreading democracy” or “spreading freedom” –as though it were possible to dip the knife into the big ole jar of freedom and apply it evenly on the bread.

The whole idea of exporting democracy becomes very problematic when (1) It could be argued that the Supreme Court appointed George Bush in 2000, and, (2) Americans do not vote as if our democracy depended on it. The last time we hit 60% of registered voters turning up at the polls was in 1968.

Here in California, the propositions are a daunting proposition. There are lots of them. The language is confusing. I’m a fan of the League of Women Voters for guidance through the stormy waters of propositions and measures.

Yeah. So we’re a nation of hypocrites. We aren’t spreading freedom and democracy, we’re fanning the flames of hatred…towards ourselves. Let’s try for a little self-redemption and at least show up at the polls tomorrow.


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