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Justice at Smithfield

Workers’ rights. Health care. Safety in the workplace. No, I’m not talking about China, I’m talking about the good ole US of A.

I offer you, dear reader, just one link today. Smithfield Foods in the world’s largest pork processor and hog producer, with revenues of over $11 billion in fiscal year 2006. Don’t gag, some of us dig on swine from time to time. And for those of us who do, wouldn’t you like assurance that the place is clean and that the workers are treated well?

Someone’s living high on the hog, but it ain’t the workers. Seems the folks who run the Smithfield can’t tell the difference between the hogs and the people…both are expendable in the name of profit. Here’s the link to the main page for Justice at Smithfield. Check it out. Have a look around. Sign-up for their e-mails.

Yes, I know you already get too many e-mail newsletters…so do I. But these folks need to feel the love of their Internet supporters, and signing up let’s them know you care. The Internet is one of the best tools for the 5,500 Smithfield workers to let the rest of us know what’s going on. I participated in the 29 September ‘virtual protest’ that went along with the real live people-on-the-street protest in New York City. There were over 6,000 of us virtual protestors…how cool is that? Yes, you too can be an activist while sitting on your butt in front of your computer.

Okay–one more link: The United Food and Commercial Workers. 1.3 million workers in a variety of professions (and sponsor of Justice at Smithfield).

And another: Change to Win.  They really sound like threatening revolutionaries, don’t they?  (Oh dear, does sarcasm work in a blog?)

Our mission is to unite the 50 million workers in Change to Win affiliate industries whose jobs cannot be outsourced and who are vital to the global economy.  We seek to secure the American Dream for them, and for all working people, including:

  • A paycheck that supports a family
  • Universal health care
  • A secure retirement
  • The freedom to form a union to give workers a voice on the job


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