Lakenheath HS Reunion 2007 – Blog Launched!

Sunrise in Las Vegas

Thanks to the Class of 1976, a bunch of us Lakenheath Lancers got together in Las Vegas last month. We had such a fantastic time that the mighty class of 1977 has decided to host a reunion to celebrate our 30th! See the link at the right (under “blogroll”) for more information.

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One Response to “Lakenheath HS Reunion 2007 – Blog Launched!”

  1. 2020 Hindsight » Rose Tree Cottage Says:

    […] Years and years ago (okay, sometime around 1982, which turns out to be in the third year of their business), I bought my brown betty teapot there. The year of my move to Pasadena coincided with two things: A family trip to Scotland with tons of tea shortbread, and scones and association with UK expats in the local area, and close proximity with Helen, my friend and roommate of college freshman year, English major, tea-drinker and true Anglophile. She now operates a tea party business in Arizona (northern arizona: Prescott, Sedona, Flagstaff) called Miss Helen’s Special Teas. I had fun making her site using photos shot with props from my own cupboards. In fact, as I recall, Grrl (yet another Anglophile, she spent her teen years in England) and I threw Helen a bridal shower and used the serving platters from that china. Come to think of it, I shared an apartment with another college alum with UK roots—Welsh, as it turns out. […]

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