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Making a List

Stuff I’ve done lately:

1. Watched Crash – only it was David Cronenberg’s Crash and not Paul Haggis’ Crash Ugh.  Who needs that much dysfunction?  Besides, the movie had very little structure, it was just an endless loop–a conflagration of sex and violence.  Still have Haggis’ Crash waiting in the wings…thanks to Netflix.

2. Watched a lot of tennis at the Pacific Life Open.  One of the most fun matches was Knowles and Nestor vs. Bjorkman and Mirnyi.  Knowles plays World Team Tennis in Sacramento, and a bunch of fans came down to give “Knowlesy” support.  We also walked right by Rod Laver…a nice sighting for any devoted tennis fan.

3. Started to read Kindred by Octavia Butler, the current pick for the City of Pasadena’s One City One Story program.  My book club is talking about it tonight…I won’t finish by then, but it is a good read.

4. I balanced the checkbook.  Someone’s got to care about the checkbook…it might as well be me.  Balancing my checkbook feels like my secret revenge–or perhaps it is just recovery–from all those math classes I really sucked at.  Ha ha, teacher I can balance my checkbook.  To the penny!

5. I walked three miles this morning.  The best thing about that is that I can spend the rest of today saying, “I walked three miles this morning” to myself whenever anything goes wrong.

Finally, a Random Observation:

Everyone complains about the price of gas, but has anyone besides me wondered why milk is more expensive than gas–even now?



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