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Super Bowl Commercials

The one thing we all want to see during the Super Bowl is funny commercials. Yesterday’s batch–they weren’t funny. They really weren’t funny the first time around, and seeing them again this morning I began to think they were kinda funny…but then I realized I was just feeling sorry for the advertisers. Sure, I liked the Dove self-esteem commercial–but the Super Bowl is the time to bust out with the humor. (By the way, why did Dove use the “True Colors” song…didn’t Kodak just use that a few years ago?)

The FedEx one was okay, but do we really need to see the guy get stepped on by the elephant after he gets fired? Ouch.

The magic refrigerator one…didn’t the guy who installed the magic refrigerator notice that some of his beer was gone the last time he switched the wall around? We the viewers know there was a last time because the guy on the other side yells, “Guys, hurry up! The magic fridge is back!” So why is the first guy still thinking his revolving wall will protect his beer?

I liked the Hummer one. I liked the Hummer one because something gross like a Hummer most certainly came from monsters…monsters who think they are in love.

I almost liked the Burger King one with the dancing hamburger patty and the dancing condiments. I almost laughed when the women/objects started to make a burger. By the time woman-in-costume #4 landed on the bun, I felt sick. A pile of women on a bun is not funny. Ironically, a bunch of guys dancing in costume then piling on each other would have been funnier. But just 30 seconds long please, not a full minute.

Better luck next year, advertisers.


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